Asymmetric division

Asymmetric division is crucial for generating cellular diversity during development and in stem cell lineages. For asymmetric division to be successful, the mitotic spindle must be positioned in a manner that ensures proper segregation of cytoplasmic constituents to daughter cells. In one-cell C. elegans embryos, the mitotic spindle is positionined eccentrically in response to anterior-posterior (A-P) polarity cues (Fig. 1).

Fig. 1 | One-cell stage C. elegans embryo in mitosis. Embryo stained with antibodies against α-tubulin, which highlights microtubules (green), the centrosomal protein TAC-1 (red, visible in yellow at spindle poles) and counterstained with a DNA dye (blue). Note astral microtubules extending from the spindle poles to the cell membrane.

Work performed in many laboratories, including ours, indicate that spindle positioning requires the function of an evolutionary conserved ternary complex consisting of a large coiled-coil protein, a GoLoCo domain containing protein, and a heterotrimeric G protein in the GDP-bound mode (Gönczy, 2008). The members of this ternary complex are LIN-5/GPR-1/2/Gα in C. elegans and NuMA/LGN/Gαi in H. sapiens. The available evidence indicates that the ternary complex anchors the minus end directed motor protein complex dynein at the cell cortex. Dynein is thought to generate pulling forces on astral microtubules that emanate from the spindle poles, thus positioning the mitotic spindle (see Fig. 2).

Fig. 2 | Working model for spindle positioning in human cells. The ternary complex comprising (NuMA/LGN/Gα) anchors the minus-end directed motor protein complex dynein at the cell cortex below the plasma membrane. Due to its motor activity, cortical dynein generates pulling forces by attempting to move on the astral microtubules (shown in red), which must depolymerize concommitantly, thus ensuring proper spindle positioning.

We found that dynein levels at the cell cortex must be tightly regulated for accurate metaphase spindle positioning, since an increase or a decrease in cortical dynein has drastic consequences on spindle positioning (Fig. 3) (Kotak et al.; 2012).

Fig. 3 | Overexpression of ternary complex component influence spindle positioning. (A) Overexpression of GPR-1 in C. elegans embryos influences spindle positioning as monitored by DIC microscopy. Time is indicated in minutes: seconds. Note increase in spindle movements (shown in red) in embryo overexpressing GPR-1 (YFP-GPR-1) compared to the wild-type. (B) Similarly, overexpression of the GPR-1/2 homolog LGN in human cells influences spindle positioning. DNA is shown in red and microtubules in green. Time is indicated in hours: minutes. Note drastic movement of metaphase plate (shown in red) in cells expressing YFP-LGN in comparison with control cells.

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