Info for lab members

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Regular meetings/seminars

Tuesday 9am, SV 3615: Lab meeting
Tuesday 11am, SV 3615: Journal Club
Thursday 12:00pm, SV 1717A: ISREC Sandwich seminar
Friday 11am, SV 1717A (during academic year): Life Sciences Seminar

The full list of SV seminars can be found here.

EPFL credentials

Most services provided by EPFL (incl. email) require the so-called Gaspar login credentials that you should have received.
More info here.


Wifi: Connect to the network “epfl” using your Gaspar login credentials (more info here).
Intranet access outside EPFL: you need to install a vpn client on your computer to access the EPFL intranet from outside (more info here).


You can redirect your emails to an email client (e.g. Mail, Thunderbird) or email account (e.g. Gmail, Hotmail). See info here.

Lab and personal calendars

Set up the lab calendar on iCal > Preferences > Account
Add a new account with the following settings:
Account type: CalDav
Username and password: your Gaspar login credentials
Server address:

You can add/edit events on the lab calendar directly from iCal. You can also setup your own personal calendar on and add it to iCal (see getting the url address of your personal calendar). You can even have several calendars on the my.epfl server that you can access from any computer (simply connect to You can share your personal calendars with other members of the lab or EPFL.

You also have a dropbox folder on that you can use to share large files with your collaborators.


Individual Macs. This is a moving scene, with a number of machines.
Worm Pierre: My computer in the office.
Worm On The Move: My laptop.
4 G4’s at the recording stations of the DIC room (Worm Scope 1 through Worm Scope 4). They have minimal software and are to be used exclusively for recordings; movies must be transferred as soon as possible onto (see below, Servers).
You can access all the Macs with the same username (worm; password on demand).

Back-up system

Each machine in the lab is backed up daily using CrashPlan Pro. You should contact the SV-IT to have them install the required software on your computer.


There are several servers on the lab. To connect to them on a Mac: Finder > Go > Connect to Server. The server url are provided below.

afp:// (user:worm, password on demand) : this server is accessible from the computers in the DIC room. Use it to transfer your newly recorded movies (create a folder for you); you can then download your movies on your computer (or hard drive) by accessing the server from your own computer.

smb:// (gaspar credentials)
You can use it to share data with other lab members. You can create a folder with your name. Everyone in the lab can see everything.

smb:// (gaspar credentials)
This is your personal space. You can use it e.g. if you want to access some files from a computer at home.

On these two servers, data is backed up every night on tape. Please note that backups are incremental, which means that the system compares each day what is new compared to the day before, and updates the information accordingly. Use CDs/DVDs/hardrives/CrashPlanPro to permanently store your data!


There are three main printers:

Worm Printer (in the lab, double-sided, black and white only): lpd:// (driver: generic postscript printer)

isrecgelp24 (at the end of the hallway in front of our floor seminar room, color): lpd:// (driver: Xerox WorkCentre 7345). You need to set up the password the first time that you print. Select Xerox Features, Advanced, Accounting, password on demand).

cavgelp2 (in the cafeteria at the end of the hallway): lpd://

Electronic lab notebook

The lab has a wiki which should be used an electronic lab book.
You need to send an email to Peter Kunszt in order to obtain your login credentials.


EPFL licensed software is available on distrilog (gaspar credentials).

Lab data bases

There are data bases for the following (FreezerPro):
– plasmids/bacteria
– dsRNAs
– oligos
– worm strains
– cDNAs
– antibodies
When you get or generate one of these items, please enter the corresponding information in the data bases (i.e. in FreezerPro) so that your reagents can be of use to all! Send an email to Simon or Coralie for login credentials.

Absences manager

You should enter all your absences (vacation, conferences, …) on the “Absences Manager“. You can find guidelines on how to use it here.

You will also find useful practical administrative info here.

Living in Switzerland

Some useful info about arriving in Switzerland and starting at EPFL.

Updated December 2012